Ykids Early Childhood Education Centre is our community based, not for profit, early childhood centre which is situated at 183 St Vincent Street, Nelson.

Because we strive to provide a welcoming, supportive and loving environment, we have an open door policy which enables parents and whanau to spend as much time as they like with us and their children.

Ykids endeavours to implement the YMCA Values of Caring, Responsibility, Honesty, Respect throughout the centre and our friendly, highly qualified teaching staff aim to provide an enriching, open, loving, learning environment which encourages your child to work alongside their peers.

At Ykids children take part in a range of activities throughout the year including: gymnastics, dance, yoga, music, and excursions around Nelson and the community.

Ykids is part of your community and staff take part in a variety of community activities both in Victory and wider Nelson area.

Call Ykids today and make a time to talk about your child's education.      

Ph: 545 6760

Email: ykids@nelsonymca.org.nz